Authentic branding, professionally executed, is essential to success in today’s world – and IQc delivers it.

Enterprise branding is the process of capturing the essence of an individual, organization, or project in a tagline, a logo, and supporting editorial content. It is neither advertising nor marketing nor sales (although those should incorporate and reflect the brand); rather, it is identity, elegantly evoked by carefully selected words and images.

There are those who disdain the very idea of branding, usually because they view it as unnecessary, inauthentic, or excessively complicated. Done right, however, branding can be an enormously effective tool for amplifying an enterprise’s message.

When professionally executed by IQc, branding is effective, authentic, and efficient. Effective, because it defines, broadcasts, and subtly reinforces the client’s distinctive identity for its audience. Authentic, because IQc’s Eliza Dolin applies a unique intuitive-analytical approach to discerning each client’s value. And efficient, because IQc has the experience required to supervise the work of graphic branding consultants such as logo and website designers.

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