Communications coaching, carefully customized, is a game-changer – and IQc delivers it.

Communications coaching – a structured process for refining an individual’s writing skills – delivers a substantial return on investment for the novice and the veteran alike. A gift that keeps on giving, communications coaching translates immediately into greater efficiency and self-confidence, which in turn increase productivity and performance in the long term.

Most critical to effective communications training: a dynamic, supportive, and enthusiastic coach who delivers constructive guidance – not criticism. Eliza Dolin of IQc is that coach. She understands that while communication is increasingly important to individual and organizational success, most people have never received the kind of personalized coaching that makes them comfortable with the craft. Her goal: to turn a frustrating and inefficient obligation into a golden opportunity to achieve results.       

Also critical to effective communications training: a program customized to the goals and challenges of the client. IQc’s proprietary curriculum has multiple modules that can be tailored to individuals or groups, varying levels of sophistication, and different enterprises, from business, to government/non-profit, to creative, to academic. As a result, IQc coaching is cost-effective, yet flexible enough to accommodate the needs of almost any individual or organization.

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