Constructive editing, efficiently done, can make all the difference – and IQc delivers it.

Editing is an essential tool in every successful writer’s toolbox, not least because an edited document reflects the author’s commitment to professionalism and respect for the reader. And the tighter the deadline, the longer the document, or the more complex the subject matter, the more important objective editing becomes to ensuring that a document achieves its intended results.

Not all editors are created equal, however. IQc’s Eliza Dolin stands apart in two distinctive ways. As a writer herself, she appreciates the value of constructive editing, performed in a respectful, collaborative, and educational manner. And as a businesswoman, she appreciates the value of efficient editing, focused on maximizing speed, accuracy, and clarity.  

IQc offers a variety of constructive and efficient editing and copyediting services. Sometimes a document needs a fresh eye to see the forest for the trees – a thorough reading to evaluate the integrity of its reasoning, organization, and flow. And sometimes it’s the trees themselves that need scrutiny – proofing for grammar, spelling, style, and formatting. Whatever the project, IQc deploys all the tools of the trade, including knowledge of a wide range of style manuals and a variety of editing programs, to deliver quality material to its clients and their audiences.

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