The written word, thoughtfully composed, is a powerful thing – and IQc delivers it.

Writing, done well, has changed the course of history, inspired social transformation, entertained millions, shaped the world’s most successful brands, and rehabilitated corporate reputations. It has also clinched many a promotion, wooed sweethearts through the ages, and soothed generations of children to sleep.

Great writing doesn’t just happen, however; it requires focus, time, and insight – intelligence, quality, and creativity – to translate abstract concepts into effective words. IQc’s Eliza Dolin excels at such alchemy. How? She applies decades of experience researching, analyzing, reading, and, perhaps most importantly, listening in order to capture each client’s unique message.  Only then does she apply the art and craft of composition to translate that message into words that work for their intended audience.

In some cases that message is lengthy and complex; in others it’s short and sweet. The platform that conveys the message matters too, whether it be a bound document or a Tweet. Whatever the project, IQc deploys all the tools of the trade, including style, tone, voice, rhythm, and format, to deliver great writing and copywriting to its clients and their audiences.

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