Polished business messaging gets results – and IQc delivers it.

The business world has never been more challenging than it is today: competition can be fierce, expectations high, resources constrained, and employees inefficient. The business world also has never been more rewarding, however, for those executives who clearly define their missions, visions, and values – and then effectively communicate them to the target audience.   

Effective business communication – polished, professional, and focused messaging – significantly enhances results. And it does so across the board, whether the target audience is made up of customers, employees, management, partners, regulators, the media, suppliers, or potential employers. When “every word matters,” then, investing in the services of a communications consultant can yield enormous dividends ... but only if that consultant understands the world of business.

IQc does understand the business world ... because owner Eliza Dolin has been there. As an attorney, executive, manager, and consultant, she has crafted tailored messages that delivered tangible business results for hundreds of clients – and done so with the intelligence, quality, and creativity that are IQc’s hallmark.

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