Great creative writing deserves professional packaging – and IQc delivers it.

Writing a creative manuscript with commercial potential – whether fiction or non-fiction, novel or biography – is extremely hard work. Harder still is the process of polishing and packaging the final draft when the time has finally come; many excellent creative writers simply don’t have the time, experience, or perspective to complete these pre-submission tasks. Yet expert copyediting, formatting, and pitching can be the key to a successful publication strategy.

Especially today. The world of commercial print publishing is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, and the outcome remains uncertain. As a result, agents and editors are busier and more selective than ever. The world of e-publishing, too, is in flux, but readers’ expectations of quality remain as high for self-published works as printed ones. It’s no wonder those who aspire to publication often feel overwhelmed by the pitching process. (As best-selling author Lee Child has said, “'It's a kind of Zen question: if you write a book and no one reads it, is it really a book?”)

IQc offers both published and unpublished authors a unique set of skills to help navigate this promising but perilous terrain. Owner Eliza Dolin excels at copyediting and formatting manuscripts and book proposals; she is gifted at writing pitch materials such as book proposals and query letters; and she has a track record for getting the attention of agents and editors with professionally prepared packages. She also brings to her work genuine respect for the creative writing process, as she is a published non-fiction author and has written and marketed three creative manuscripts herself.      

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