“Starting with just a logo and a few conversations with the executives of my management consulting firm, Eliza was instrumental in helping us build our brand: she wrote all of the website editorial content, coordinated it with the graphic content provided by our website development firm, and produced our printed collateral. She grasped our mission so well and so quickly, you would never have known that she wasn’t already well-versed in national security and counterterrorism consulting services. Our enterprise now has a distinctive, integrated, contemporary identity across multiple platforms (website, print materials, and press releases). IQc provides phenomenal value.”
~ Heidi Gerhards, Chief Executive Officer, Fuel Consulting, LLC, McLean, VA

“I think Eliza was born an editor; she’s an excellent writer, as well, and truly a delight to work with in producing our bi-monthly newsletter [circulation 5,000+].  I’ve spent 30+ years in the communications industry, and I’ve never seen anyone better.  I don’t know what we’d do without her at our publication.”
~ Patricia Sugrue, Editor-in-Chief, The Compass, Alexandria, VA

“As a published novelist, I know it’s not easy to edit works of fiction. Eliza Dolin at IQc has a rare combination of gifts: a fantastic ear for the English language and a respectful, enthusiastic, professional demeanor.”
~ A. Grant McCrea, New York, NY (author of Dead Money and Drawing Dead (Random House))

“Good writing takes practice, patience and mentoring. Unfortunately, many of my students have had little of the three. Eliza was superb in assisting several of my students with their theses; and quite frankly, her writing coaching and copyediting made all the difference.”
~ Lawrence M. LeNoir, Ph.D., LCPC, Pastoral Studies Department Chair, Washington Theological Union, Washington, DC

I rely on Eliza to ensure that everything from business proposals to client press materials circulated by my public and media relations firm convey the highest level of professionalism and creativity – an investment that has paid off in spades. In addition to having impeccable editing skills, she understands how to find and use ‘words that work’ for different audiences, she turns things around quickly and cost-effectively … and she’s actually fun to work with!
~ Carlyle Fairfax Smith, President, Carlyle International, Alexandria, VA 

 In my line of work (federal and international law enforcement consulting), CVs are required to be longer and more detailed and to use more technical jargon than those in most other fields. Eliza’s educational, legal, technical, and publishing backgrounds really improved my CV – at an extremely reasonable price – and I have accepted a position that meets my requirements as a result.
~David J. King, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.), Southport, NC

 IQc is a unique resource for editorial and copywriting services, especially for public-facing government agencies like mine. Eliza’s intelligence, creativity, and commitment to quality shine through in everything she does but never distract from the message. She also understands how to accommodate the priorities of a variety of stakeholders without sacrificing authenticity or accuracy – a rare talent indeed.
~ Deborah Dodson, Director of Tourism, Talbot County Office of Tourism, Easton, MD 

 Eliza’s edits, quickly provided, were incisive, clarifying, and instructive; her editorial assistance not only led to a better product in our first collaboration, but it has informed each piece of writing since.
~ Daniel Mackay, Preservation League of New York State, Albany, NY 

 I wisely selected Eliza Dolin of Ivy Quill Communications to help me create a publisher ‘pitch’ for my book manuscript. It is often said that getting a book published is like winning a lottery; however, Eliza made my goal a reality: I signed a book deal in less than four months! Ivy Quill is the perfect fusion of Old World virtue/quality and innovation. Eliza is dedicated, timely, professional, hardworking, and acutely accurate and has the technological expertise to produce an outstanding product to compete in today’s highly competitive work and market places. Ivy Quill’s motto is “every word matters”; however, I think she goes beyond that, as IQc achieves letter perfect results. In addition, Eliza offers unmatched creativity and flair. Her prose dances off the page, which definitely gets you noticed. Indeed, she makes you and your accomplishments shine.
~ Tamara Carter, Alexandria, VA (author, with Jerry Ray, of A Memoir of Injustice (Trine Day))

Eliza goes above and beyond when she takes on a project; she not only line-edited my manuscript for appropriate grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary – while leaving my style and tone intact – but she also made useful suggestions about plot and structure.
~ Kevin Spillane, Nokesville, VA

 Her Harvard and Columbia degrees, professional experience, and publishing history uniquely qualify Ms. Dolin to edit even the most esoteric academic manuscripts. One of mine has been accepted for publication.”
~ Susan Bryant, Lt. Col., U.S. Army, and Ph.D. Candidate, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

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