How do I get more information to help me decide whether IQc is right for my project?

We recommend that you arrange for an initial consultation with IQc owner Eliza Dolin. During the consultation, you can ask questions about our experience and expertise, get to know us, and provide information that will allow us to prepare a draft proposal for your consideration.

Does IQc charge for an initial consultation?

IQc does not charge for initial consultations except in rare cases (for example, when a potential client specifically asks that we perform significant work before the consultation, or, in the case of an in-person  initial consultation, more than an hour’s time is required for IQc personnel to travel to the meeting).

What is IQc’s fee structure?

IQc’s goal is to provide superior value to every client. Because each project is unique, we don’t have a generic fee-for-service list. Instead, after the initial consultation, owner Eliza Dolin proposes a customized fee schedule that takes into account factors such as the complexity of the work, any applicable deadlines or procurement/contracting restrictions, other client requests or requirements, and prevailing market rates.     

How do I communicate with IQc?

As a rule, we prefer to communicate primarily by email and telephone. Why? Because electronic communication is easier to schedule, decreases costs and expenses, and has fewer adverse environmental impacts. (Read more about IQc’s environmental and social sustainability practices.) Of course, in-person meetings sometimes are not only efficient but essential. Every project is different, as is every client, and we strive to accommodate those differences.

What geographic areas does IQc serve?

IQc clients are located in every region of the U.S., from California, to Illinois, to Florida, to New York, as well as in Europe. Although we can work anywhere, our office is situated just outside of Washington, D.C.

Why don’t you provide samples of IQc’s work on the website?

Although we can provide samples of IQc’s work product on request, we do so only in limited circumstances. Why? Because we respect client concerns about privacy, confidentiality, legal constraints, distribution of outdated information, and the like.

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